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What do you get when you take 40 or so theatre
people and schedule five straight days of 10:30
AM matinees ? Staggering , sniffling zombies, thats
what. We are a true study in sleep deprivation.

We are now in day 3. And I have learned that the most effective
way to torture me is to set my alarm clock to 6 AM. I know that
millions of people do this every day. But , Damn, this sucks beyond compare.

To insult us even more today , it rained at rush hour .
In our fair city rain seems to turn already bad drivers into cretins.
By 7:15 there was already 1 total blockage of all lanes (12 in all )
of one of the major freeways. By showtime we still had two buses
of school children AWOL and we had to hold the curtain for almost a half
hour. Then, there were crying infants and one poor tourettes kid near the
front. There was just no fun to be had today.

And tomorrow? We do a morning show AND the 8PM opening night
performance. Followed by the party which will sparsely attended due to the
two shows we are scheduled on Saturday. But Sunday I predict an
out break of brain stealing.

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It has been the strangest couple of days. The show is
rolling along very nicely but the arts complex where we are located
has been mobbed this weekend.

The theatre where I work shares it's site with the municipal
symphony and the city art museum. On Friday the museum
was open for 24 hours. The same day the symphony was doing a
screening of The Wizard Of Oz while playing the musical
score live. They sold out their 1800 seat hall . Our production of
The Christmas Carol also sold out our 500 seat house.
The result? Parking madness! We were all late and pissed
off before we even got into the building.

But , of course, the SOLD OUT audience made us all forget
and have a great night. It's almost disgusting how easy we all are.

The funniest thing I heard today?
One of our cast members comes off the stage and says
" I think I have glitter in my mouth". You may all form your
own mental pictures now.



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