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It has been a long , long time since I last posted.
I have had a laid back sort of fall.

Here is the good.

I have finished one of the season's shows already. It was a comedy review by The Second
City. But all the costumes were really more like props . So I spent 5 weeks reading books
and surfing the net while the show was happening down the hall.
They were a great cast , but it was a rather boring run for me.

This week we are starting Christmas Carol. It was been alarmingly easy so far.
We go into full dress on Sunday. That will be the test.

I have a new great nephew, born Nov 5th. But I have yet to receive any photos. He is healthy
and thriving, so I can wait.

I have been wallowing in the cheestastic goodness that is True Blood. I expected to like it, as I
am a long time fan of the books. But I didn't think I would reach the true fannish levels that I have.
But there is only one week left. I'm going to miss my fucked up southern gothic vampire show.
It is coming back next summer though. By then I feel I will need the escape more than ever.

But It does leave my plate clear for the final run of episodes of Battlestar Galactica.
I just know that this is going to hurt. But I think I will be able to go back and re watch this series.
And that is more than I can say of most of the shows I've followed in recent years.

Our crazy puppy is 11 months old now. He is almost 20 pounds and very dog like.
He is beginning to learn how to entertain himself. It is great to see him work things out for himself.

Now for the bad.

In 1995 I met up with a group of online fans of Anne Rice. We organized a trip to New Orleans to
attend her Halloween Ball. We filled the weekend with fun and frivolity. We still correspond daily
through a list maintained by our friend known as Ruby. She has Chron's Disease.
She has fought this illness off for over 14 years but , this time, she is losing the fight. Even if she pulls through,
this bout she will , at best , be on a feeding tube. It is hard to think of the vital and fun loving person
we know forced to live that way. I just keeping saying to myself , It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years.

Till next time.
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I have recovered from the excesses of Dragon*Con now and can cover the

I was admonished by Jamie Bamber himself for being too loud in my squeeeage
when meeting [ profile] maritas.

I was lifted off the floor by [ profile] kernezelda in one of her famous con hugs.

I attended a fangirl SGA panel with [ profile] auntiemeesh much to our mutual

I marched in the parade with 60 or so members of the Colonial Fleet in full BSG
regalia. And the crowd reaction was great. They have gone from a hand full of fans to a
strong and incredibly organized group of fast friends.

I met and ( re-met ) dozens of LJ folks. This was a high point for me. I have been doing this online socializing thing for over 16 years now and it continues to amaze me how rich and educational a "world" it is. The ability to converse with people from around the globe about obscure interests that we have in common is a huge gift. And when you can throw alcohol in the mix , it's even better.

The costumes I spent months on were approved of and photographed. And tons of tips
about the same were shared and exchanged.

My friend Rainie says that Dragon con "is when up meet up with your best friends you only see once a year." I can't say it better myself.


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