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I haven't posted in a while , but I have been reading of everyone's adventures with great interest.

R and I made a fast trip home to see the new and existing great nephews. There is quite a variety now.
We have a 4 year old, a 1 year old and a 5 month old . My step great niece is 9 years old and having
a grand time being "mommy" to them all.
It is fun to swan in, see everyone and go home.

I've done and closed another show. It was my last of the season. The cast was nice and low key.
So I was able to leave with a good one.

There have been lots of shake ups at work. The economy has affected us too. Our kick ass
end of the season musical was cancelled. It was to be one of those debuts that goes on to New York.
Well , the producers couldn't get the backing to do it . So we were left with a massive last minute hole in our season.
We ended up reviving a small musical from last season. No one knows how that will go.

The upshot of all this is that all year round staff will be taking pay cuts. And six people were let go 2 weeks ago.
There will be fewer shows next year as well . So we seasonal employees will also be making less.
In my case , not so much less. But still it does hurt us all.

But I am spending the extra off weeks doing some free lance work. I have finally decided to pimp myself out as a
seamstress for hire. So far I have some sci- fi related costume projects on the way.
And this week I got a call to work on a Lifetime Network TV series. ( for some very nice cash)
The lesson here is to get off my rear and be proactive. I'm glad I did!

The other fun thing I have going is my new technology. I have maintained my status in the cult of Steve
by getting an iphone. It is so addictive that it scares me a little. I spent my backstage downtime during the
last show reading fan fiction on my phone. It is faster to check the weather by iphone app than by computer!
I look forward to teach it and myself lots of new tricks.

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Time for the sadly overdue post about my life .

Here it is in sections.

Visualize your co-workers. Now imagine them
dripping wet and naked. Then imagine that it is your job to hand
him or her a towel. Followed by underwear and
all other clothing required for the next scene. And this all has to happen
in the space of less than a minute. This is my current life.

Yes, we are remounting Metamorphoses.
The link contains very nice pictures from last time. And yes ,
it is my job to put those giant wigs on that naked man.

Our home life is currently being dominated by the puppy.
Rita is teething. And hence being extra cranky and chewy.
She has big molars and canines mixed with tiny little
nubs of teeth in the middle. There is no safe item in the entire house.
All are being tested for chew worthiness. I have to keep my ears
tuned into the slightest little slurping sounds. She is quite sneaky for
one so young.

I did have Monday off so I spent it in typical holiday fashion.
I went shopping and to see PTOC. I checked all my higher
brain functions at the door and enjoyed it very much.
As it is Disney, I don't expect great truths , just mindless fun.
And it was.

Sincere thanks to all of you who posted congrats to me on
the Tony award. I appreciate the good wishes.



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