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My friend and I have decided on our Dragoncon costumes
for this year. We are going to do the Dress Gray uniforms
from the new BSG.
like this )

These are not the everyday uniforms but the formal ones that only
appear a couple of times in the series . We have the fabric , the sleeve patches ,
the large jacket pins, and the patterns. We got all that covered
in one day! Now if I can find the collar and pilot pins we will
looking very good indeed at the BSG colonial day party!
I know it's lame, but I am still a little giddy.

And my long march towards organization has taken a huge
leap this week . I have finished both closets and everything
fits with room to spare. Instead of overflowing and floor covered
pits , my closets are now open floored and clutter free.
The coolest part is the shoe storage I devised. I bought two
hanging shoe bins that are about 6 " wide and 14 " deep. They are made of
nylon with hard plastic bottoms on the sections. I bought two and stitched
their bottoms together. They have a loop on top to use on a clothes
bar. We mounted a little strip of wood to the ceiling to put the loop
over, and presto , shoes from ceiling to floor . )

I feel most accomplished on the home front. Now if I could apply that
to the rest of my life..........



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