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Happy Birthday to the ray of sunshine that is [ profile] circe.
We love you girl !
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I have been remiss in my birthday wishes . In the last week or so [ profile] spoonishly, [ profile] kixxa, [ profile] stlscape, [ profile] 50mm
and [ profile] thassalia have all had birthdays. I hope that all your natal days were all that you desired.
All of you graciously allow me to look into your lives , and by doing that you enrich mine. Thanks!
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Many happy returns to [ profile] crankygrrl and [ profile] rubberneck.

Life has been full of changes and challenges for both of you.
Here is hoping for a more peaceful year ahead.

Thanks to you both for the talent and insights you share here.

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Best wishes and better luck to [ profile] kazbaby
Some one who feels deeply, loves wildly and has hidden
wells of strength.
Hope your special day is kind to you.

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] scrubschick .

A person who takes the ups and downs of life
with great style and humor.

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Birth day wishes are in order for [ profile] simplystars
Hope your day is great!

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Happy Birthday [ profile] thassalia I wish you happy
and stress free day . May your brain continue to produce
the remarkable and intriguing writing we have all come to depend

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Happy Birthday [ profile] kixxa !
A fabulous gal of great talent and many
It is one of goals in life to look upon
your face again before I die.
Hope your day is a fun filled one !

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Many warm wishes to you bheerfan.
A lovely and generous soul it is my
pleasure to correspond with.

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Birthday , oh she of many names .
AKA [ profile] monkeyfromhell

Hope your day is a spectacular one.
Many Happy returns.

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First things first.
Happy Birthday to [ profile] crankygrrl and [ profile] boofadil .
I wish you both many happy returns .

Well, the time off passed in a blinding rush.

I drove to Savannah to check in on my mom-in-law.
I continue to LOVE my new little car. It is so very zippy.
It just makes me feel energetic just to look at it.

Then the hubby and I flew to New York for 3 days.
I shopped and walked and caught up with my oldest
friend. He has decided that we need to leave the South
and come live in Brooklyn. And there are some days
that I so agree with him. So , when the untold riches that
will no doubt fall from the heavens for me arrive, I will
go shopping for that perfect brownstone .

Then I went back to work. The tech week for our latest production
was long. ( 67 hrs for me ) It has been plagued by technical
problems with the set. So that added an unwelcome "hurry up and wait"
vibe to to the process. It is another world premiere. This one is
intense. It is about a victim of the Algerian Wars of the late 50's.
He is a surgeon , suspected of aiding terrorists, who is imprisoned
and tortured by a French officer. It is not easy to relax backstage
and think about your next task when the lead actor is being "electrocuted "
6 feet from you. I could NEVER be an actor .


Ain`t Necessarily So - Bronski Beat
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] pdxscaper.
a talented writer , avid hockey fan and delightful
dinner companion.



Feb. 9th, 2006 01:00 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] kernezelda
Hope you enjoyed it.



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