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It's that time again, the last two weeks of the summer stock season.
There are four shows in the rotation now. This means that 5 days a week we do
2 shows a day. And 1 day a week we do 3 shows a day.

Yeah, it is exhausting. The combination of the lack of sleep and the hot weather makes
for a semi zombiefied state. But, as soon as this is over I get 5 weeks off. And included
in that stretch of time is my own personal 'staycation" , DragonCon.

I am working on a new costume, the yellow BSG deckhand. I have volunteered
to be a costume judge at the Colonial Fleet party. And I have also signed up for 2 panels.
Thoughts of this keep me going when I have to get up at 6:15 AM to go help entertain the kiddies.

The drought here seems to be breaking. The bad news is that it is being broken by massive
thunderstorms. I came home from work yesterday to find this:

former pine tree

This WAS a huge pine tree. It sheared off about 20 feet above the ground.
The good news? It fell AWAY from the house. The bad news? It took out two more trees with with
it . Two large water oaks. The back of our lot now looks like this:

tree pile

I am so not looking forward to the visit from the tree service . This is going to cost a mint.

And to top off all this the power outages knocked out a water treatment plant and we are on a "boil your drinking water" advisory till tomorrow.

I intend to drown all my troubles in the wee hours tomorrow by taking in the midnight preview
of the new X Files movie. I hope it as good as I want it to be.


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I have been off work for nearly one week. I put the husband on a plane to London.
I scheduled the plumbers for Monday to replace our two aged toilets.
I swung by Home Depot and picked up some very nifty flapperless low water models.
All was settled nicely to have a productive week.

Last week my mom called to tell me that her sister died. She was in hospice care for nearly a year,
so this was sad but expected. Mom and my sister headed out to the funeral Friday morning.
They expected to have lunch with family members attend and return the same day.
On the way they stopped at a gas station where my mom went to the rest room.
There was a step up at the entrance. Well , you have probably guessed it , she fell.
And yes, she broke her hipbone. She is a retired nurse and she knew at once what had happened.
My sister is also works in radiology, so she has a working knowledge of how to treat
people with broken bones. Within minutes the paramedics were there and they sped her to the nearest

It just so happens that it was the largest level 1 trauma center in the state. 10 hours later she was in surgery.
About 3 hours after that, she was the owner of a brand new titanium hip. Now she is surrounded by her daughter,
her two sisters , and several nieces. Her prognosis is better than your average 75 year old. She is very fit and will be
very motivated to do the rehab. She has a younger live in boyfriend and a large group of friends. She knows RN's
aplenty . And her granddaughter is also a nurse. So I am feeling much better about his than I could be right now.
She should be back to the casinos in just a few months. She might have to cut back on the weekly
line dancing though.

I will be heading out to do a few days of the "Mama watch" just as soon as the hubby returns on Wednesday.
In the mean time, there are plumbers , termite inspectors and a tiny puppy to deal with. Life is always
ready with the surprises isn't it ?


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