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I have lived through the trauma that is Christmas Carol once again.
This year was extra special. We were sort of cursed this year.
There was one hospitalization, two traffic accidents, and several
minor injuries spread among the cast and crew.
We also have two technical accidents.

One day our Ghost Marley got stuck up in the air on his flying rig.
The only way to bring him down was by taking him to the opposite side of
of the stage and letting him down him down in view of the audience.
So scrooge got an "extra" visitor when he went back to his old days at school.

The next "mishap' was much more scary. We have a section of the set floor
that is decorated to look like cobble stones. In the middle of this section is a
large manhole cover that hides a lift. This is where various ghosts make entrances
and exits. At the very end of the play a christmas tree is placed there to rise
up and add to the festive look. This year it is was computer controlled for the first time.
In order to work the " cover " part slides out if the way and the little lift platform comes up
flush with the floor. This time the computer lied and the cover wasn't all the way over
to it's open position. So the lift caught on the whole stage section and " lifted " it up.
It's lucky that the whole cast was down stage because there was a 6' by 10' area
torqued up to about 45 degrees off the deck. It could have been very ugly indeed.

On a personal note I was cursed with a killer sinus infection, that made me sick for three
of the four weeks we ran. The show went on, but we were limping to the finish.

It wasn't all bad. We had a very nice company party. And I discovered that I can indeed
rock the mic in Rock Band. It was fun to put my knowledge of 70's songs to good use.

I have spent the days since the 24th in laid back recovery mode. But it's back to the grind in the AM.
I go back to Jesus Christ Superstar Gospel , Pray for me :)
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It has been a long , long time since I last posted.
I have had a laid back sort of fall.

Here is the good.

I have finished one of the season's shows already. It was a comedy review by The Second
City. But all the costumes were really more like props . So I spent 5 weeks reading books
and surfing the net while the show was happening down the hall.
They were a great cast , but it was a rather boring run for me.

This week we are starting Christmas Carol. It was been alarmingly easy so far.
We go into full dress on Sunday. That will be the test.

I have a new great nephew, born Nov 5th. But I have yet to receive any photos. He is healthy
and thriving, so I can wait.

I have been wallowing in the cheestastic goodness that is True Blood. I expected to like it, as I
am a long time fan of the books. But I didn't think I would reach the true fannish levels that I have.
But there is only one week left. I'm going to miss my fucked up southern gothic vampire show.
It is coming back next summer though. By then I feel I will need the escape more than ever.

But It does leave my plate clear for the final run of episodes of Battlestar Galactica.
I just know that this is going to hurt. But I think I will be able to go back and re watch this series.
And that is more than I can say of most of the shows I've followed in recent years.

Our crazy puppy is 11 months old now. He is almost 20 pounds and very dog like.
He is beginning to learn how to entertain himself. It is great to see him work things out for himself.

Now for the bad.

In 1995 I met up with a group of online fans of Anne Rice. We organized a trip to New Orleans to
attend her Halloween Ball. We filled the weekend with fun and frivolity. We still correspond daily
through a list maintained by our friend known as Ruby. She has Chron's Disease.
She has fought this illness off for over 14 years but , this time, she is losing the fight. Even if she pulls through,
this bout she will , at best , be on a feeding tube. It is hard to think of the vital and fun loving person
we know forced to live that way. I just keeping saying to myself , It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years.

Till next time.
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The work week is nearly over. It's Saturday, so this is like Thursday night
in the real world.

We have not had a normal work week since this show began. Last weekend we had
one of our guys out . This weekend one of the girls was out. So in both cases we had to
call a special "put in" rehearsal. Also , both times the one missing person was replaced by two actors.
This was to feature the stronger singing understudies in the featured songs and the stronger dancers
in the dances. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me either.

As you might imagine, the wardrobe crew had to shuffle our whole process
around to do this . So we had zero fun and lots of angst. And we still have two shows left this week.

At least I have the husband back. He arrived this evening. Two weeks away from home has
worn the poor guy out. But he and the pup can hang out and doze all day tomorrow.
While we, at the theater, take bets as to how many people show up Sunday night.
Two years ago, when we last played against the Super Bowl the cast challenged each other
to see how many referee signals the each could work into the show. I wonder what this
cast will come up with.

I want my day off now.
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It has been a month since my last post.

The house hold is on a more even keel now that we have a
few weeks distance from the loss of our pup. I have gradually
been putting things away while steeling myself for the burial
of her ashes. I did have a good long cry today when I threw
out he remaining puppy food. It was cathartic. But in all other
aspects we are doing pretty well.

It is the annual forced march known as Christmas Carol.
We have been at it since Nov 20th. There are 5 matinees this
week and next , as well as 3 night shows. The cast and crew is gamely
trudging along. But it continues to be as crazy as ever.

This year we have a little added insanity. A very well known television icon
Is doing a yet another "World Premiere" in our black box theatre.
Don't get me wrong , I've worked with countless people that you have seen on TV.
But that doesn't make it any less surreal to she her strolling in the halls in the midst
of our Victorian garbed cast. I will say one thing, this is the only time in our history
that we have installed a tele prompter for the use of the talent. But the cash that this show generates is a necessity. We do what we must.

I do have lots to be grateful for. But I am still sort of looking forward to January.
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Yes I have neglected my LJ once again. I spent the month of September
on hiatus from work. So I don't have as much to talk about.

The high points?

A branch of Lush has opened here. My bank account will be much smaller and my mental attitude much improved.

I did a little " fall cleaning " and a lot of being lazy.

I caught up on dentist, doctor , eye exam appointments. I passed all with flying colors.

My passport, driver's license, and car tags have all be renewed.

My work contract was increased by extra weeks. So Yea! for more employment.

I looks like I CAN travel with the husband to the UK this year , instead of next.

Lots of very fun new TV.

The not so good

The older dog has a abscessed anal gland, Yes, that is just as gross as it sounds.
She licked and bit at herself the whole weekend that I was in tech rehearsal and the husband out of town. The end result? She is she is shaved , drugged up and encased in a huge E collar. It extends 12 inches out from her neck ! The vets said that her breed is really good at overcoming the collars so she had to have the extra big one.

So the last two days have been all about running into things. But , also this means that all her bad habits are instantly broken. She can't drink out of the toilet or jump on the bed. All trash cans are also now off limits. So no doggie fun for her. But to her credit, she has figured how to eat and drink with it on.

It's also really hard not to laugh a little watching her figure her way around the house.
But the good news is that the drugs should clear her up. So hopefully , no permanent
harm is done.

That's the round up for now......
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I have let weeks go by without a post of any substance.

Work is good now. The current show right in the middle of
the run. There are 8 actors in it . Three of them play one role.
The other 5 play up to 14 characters each. This adds up to
tons of clothes and dozens of fast changes each. While this
is hard work for we brave few in the wardrobe crew, it is also what
we love the most. It seems crazy but I would much
rather be running backstage that sitting back there trying not to doze off.

And it seems we have a former sci-fi notable in the cast.
Tyr something ? ) I was never an Andromeda fan so I had no clue until I read the program.
But I think he has a little more to fear from the fans of his former soap opera roles.
I can report that he is a nice guy and we have grown to like him.

We did have a actor go down last week in the middle of a performance.
The show was stopped at intermission. We packed it in while he was
rushed down the street to the hospital. Poor guy was struck down by the return of his bleeding
ulcer. He was so upset , not by his illness mind you. He didn't want to " let us all down".
No one has a stronger work ethic than an actor, a serious one anyway.

I spent my day off today at the Park. Working. It's the annual Shake at the Lake week here
in Atlanta. I will not be working on the show this year but that didn't stop me from being
sweet talked into helping with the load in and set up. We had a small army out today
and huge progress was made.

The puppy , Rita , has blended seamlessly in with our other dog Betsy.
She exercises Betsy much more than we ever could. The weather has been so good
that they spend most of the day outdoors romping and chasing the squirrels .
By 10 PM they can hardly lift their little heads. Next week we begin the wonderful
world of leash training!

I have masses to TV to catch up on. I'm going to see if I can keep my eyes open long
enough to watch a couple of episodes of "something".

Cheers !

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It's almost the end of the current show. We have only the 5 show weekend
left. Then I have 5 weeks off ! I am counting the minutes till then.

Meanwhile here is a list of stuff that happened lately.

Things of the good.

I will NOT be working during Dragon Con this year. I can go to panels !
I can drink and dine with friends ! This is the first time in 3 years that I can actually
get my money's worth.

I am also employed throughout the entire summer this year. From May 14 to
August 19 I will be dressing 5 (!!!!) shows. Damn, this is just like my old college
schedule. Hopefully I will still be able to keep up that kind of pace.

We are going puppy shopping at the Humane Society in the next week or two.
Our dog has so been needing a playmate. Five weeks off will give us the time
to fold another canine into the pack.

I have finally seen all of Season 1 of The Office and am plowing through Season 2.
I have only worked in a office for less than a year of my life. So watching this show is like visiting an alternate universe. Funny but very , very strange.

I have also found the season 2 episodes of Life on Mars. Still loving this show beyond reason.

My costume buddy and I will begin work on our BSG costumes next week. We have the actual buttons are used in the TV uniforms! I found some beautiful fabric that comes
quite close to the real thing.

Things of the woe.

My computer is losing it's optical drive. It will read discs but will not burn them.
So I have 3 choices. I can replace the drive of my 5 year old iMac. I can try to find an old
outboard disc burner that will not create soft ware conflicts. Or figure out some way to
afford a shiny new Mac. It's all an exercise in frustration. This mostly means that the discs that I owe to people ( sorry [ profile] sdwolfpup ) will be delayed for a few weeks.

We had to replace our internet service provider. We have had the same one since 1995.
It is really sad that they would piss me off so badly that I have to fire them after
all these years. But at least you can now " rent" the same email addresses. I have a
year to make the transition, so not too woeful.

So much for the highlights.


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I'm on hiatus, so I have been enjoying the following.

Repainting the bedroom. It was a dull pearl gray
with a formal border that was left by the former owners.
It's now a lovely pale lilac that really makes the furniture
and wall decor pop.

Cycling the winter and summer clothes.

Putting the down duvet on the bed.

Finally getting the front yard in some kind of presentable shape.

Watching the Hex episodes that [ profile] simplystars sent me .

Sending the husband off to London for a week. He returned
with fabulous loot for me. And he went to a Antique Car show
for himself .

Going to the Tower Records going out of business sale ( woe! )
Finding SGA season one for less than I could have ordered it ( Yea! )

Watching my TV shows in real time instead of after work . VM , BSG and SPN have all entertained and frustrated me in equal measures these past two weeks.

Watching Torchwood . I like it , if that makes me easy so be it.

Getting a fic snippet from [ profile] thassalia

Next week I'm looking forward to these.

Going through my office and ruthlessly throwing out tons of crap.

Traveling to the coast to see my mom, siblings , their spouses and sundry offspring.

Then back to work till the next break in March.


random life

Aug. 8th, 2006 03:48 pm
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I have been rather productive so far this week.
I finally took all the defunct computer equipment out
of my office. I now have acres of desk space and access
to a windows laptop. This is big step for me. I am a
fully fledged member of the cult of Steve Case. For me to step
out of my Mac safety zone is a scary , scary thing.

So I am going to be frustrating myself regularly in the weeks to come.
But it will be good to be " bilingual ". And the hand me down laptop
is a teeny tiny Sony Vaio . I will be styling now.

Today I had my eyes checked and I don't need new glasses. Yay!
But I didn't get off free. It seems that I have a hint of future
corneal disease. Oh Joy !

I got the car oil changed and the dog washed and vaccinated .
Tomorrow I get the dental check up. I begin the house cleaning
in the AM. I will have my mom in law here for a few days next week.
And the work on the Dragoncon costumes continues apace.

So, back to the busy life. I'm going to be late to work If I don't leave now.




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