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I have been hard at work. And this is the result.
All I'm missing now are the vest pockets and a little
touch up painting. I'm going to be sporting these at the
Colonial fleet party where I will be one of the costume contest
judges. Can't wait!

Deck crew

Will post tomorrow for Dragon*Com roll call,
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I have recovered from the excesses of Dragon*Con now and can cover the

I was admonished by Jamie Bamber himself for being too loud in my squeeeage
when meeting [ profile] maritas.

I was lifted off the floor by [ profile] kernezelda in one of her famous con hugs.

I attended a fangirl SGA panel with [ profile] auntiemeesh much to our mutual

I marched in the parade with 60 or so members of the Colonial Fleet in full BSG
regalia. And the crowd reaction was great. They have gone from a hand full of fans to a
strong and incredibly organized group of fast friends.

I met and ( re-met ) dozens of LJ folks. This was a high point for me. I have been doing this online socializing thing for over 16 years now and it continues to amaze me how rich and educational a "world" it is. The ability to converse with people from around the globe about obscure interests that we have in common is a huge gift. And when you can throw alcohol in the mix , it's even better.

The costumes I spent months on were approved of and photographed. And tons of tips
about the same were shared and exchanged.

My friend Rainie says that Dragon con "is when up meet up with your best friends you only see once a year." I can't say it better myself.


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