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I live my life out of sync with the regular work week.
When I am doing a show our weeks run from Tuesday through
Sunday. So the entire "weekend " consists of Monday.

Most Mondays I end up sleeping late. This leaves precious little time
to get any thing done. It's a battle, relaxation vs the pent up urge to
clean and organize the house. Mr S is great at the big clean up tasks.
But the small daily things escape him. This is nearly the only stereotypical
male thing that he does. He's an amazing shopper, he likes to talk things out,
and the list goes on. It's funny how such a tiny thing can cause me so much
internal stress. I think that I associate a orderly house with an orderly life.
I know that there is no actual correlation. But I still feel better
when I I get up to a clean kitchen.

Having said all this, today I bought a spiffy new vacuum
cleaner. Victory ( in a small way ) is mine! And after this week
I have two weeks off. I'll spend one week of it cleaning out the basement.
( I know. I know. It's a sickness )

But I am going to travel back home to see the family the following week.
I have two great nephews to visit after all.

The puppy continues to be very cute. He now showing some signs of his bulldog
heritage. When he want's into your lap he sits down and stares you into submission.
He wins every time.

Cheers !
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Once a week there is the sound of bagpipes and drums
wafting across my yard.
A local drum and pipes band rehearses at the big
Presbyterian church across the street. They are there all
spring and fall. The dog cocks her head to the side and sits
perfectly still out on the back deck. Pure entertainment , I tell ya.


Dixie Drug Store - Grant Lee Buffalo


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