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Yes I have neglected my LJ once again. I spent the month of September
on hiatus from work. So I don't have as much to talk about.

The high points?

A branch of Lush has opened here. My bank account will be much smaller and my mental attitude much improved.

I did a little " fall cleaning " and a lot of being lazy.

I caught up on dentist, doctor , eye exam appointments. I passed all with flying colors.

My passport, driver's license, and car tags have all be renewed.

My work contract was increased by extra weeks. So Yea! for more employment.

I looks like I CAN travel with the husband to the UK this year , instead of next.

Lots of very fun new TV.

The not so good

The older dog has a abscessed anal gland, Yes, that is just as gross as it sounds.
She licked and bit at herself the whole weekend that I was in tech rehearsal and the husband out of town. The end result? She is she is shaved , drugged up and encased in a huge E collar. It extends 12 inches out from her neck ! The vets said that her breed is really good at overcoming the collars so she had to have the extra big one.

So the last two days have been all about running into things. But , also this means that all her bad habits are instantly broken. She can't drink out of the toilet or jump on the bed. All trash cans are also now off limits. So no doggie fun for her. But to her credit, she has figured how to eat and drink with it on.

It's also really hard not to laugh a little watching her figure her way around the house.
But the good news is that the drugs should clear her up. So hopefully , no permanent
harm is done.

That's the round up for now......
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I have been very busy during my 5 weeks off.

The puppy has grown apace. She is now weighs about 25 pounds.
We are about 2 to 3 weeks out from complete house breaking. She had her very
first bath today. And she and Betsy are romping around like old buddies.

See how cute? )

I passed my latest mammogram with flying colors. So there will be no
exploratory surgery , thank the gods!

I have completely repainted the living and dining room. In between puppy
watching , wall repairing and the traveling husband it took me a whole week.
But it looks great if I may say so myself.

Spring has struck here so that meant the switch out of seasonal clothing,
which always leads of the annual cleaning out of the basement. And that
always leads to the spring cleaning of the rest of the house. So I feel
exhausted but virtuous at the state of the house this week.

We also are making good progress on the BSG uniforms. The pants are done
except the belt loops and the shirt / jackets are shaping up very nicely.
Here is a picture to show our progress.

pretty! )

I have been watching Life on Mars, BSG ( don't even get me started on that one ) ,
The Dresden Files, Supernatural and the somewhat campy but enjoyable Blood Ties.

I'm going to miss real life when I go back to work on Tuesday.


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Well it has been an interesting 2 weeks or so.

Dragoncon )

The show is in it's last week. I send them forth with my best wishes.
They were a great group and an audience favorite.
They have 10 more months to tour. I'm glad that I'm not on that insane
schedule. I much prefer to stay and let the shows come to me.

I have , due to [ profile] sdwolfpup purchased a new DVD player
that plays DIVX files. Now the hubby and I will be able the share the wonders
of Life on Mars and Dr Who together on the large TV.
Speaking of "those " files . [ profile] simplystars sent me a lovely little
package . It made my day to find it in my mail box .

The hubby is out of town . This is day 4 of 10. I usually spend these extended
trips out of town shopping and house cleaning more that usual.
So far I have found a place that sells pants that fit me perfectly and
cleaned out the garbage disposal. Go me!

On a personal note.

possible TMI health stuff )
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for I have sinned . I haven't posted in this journal in
5 weeks!!
Well I was a little busy. Since April 10 I have done the following .

Went to a great Catholic wedding , after which the priest got
roaring drunk at the reception. Highly entertaining for one and all.

We had 35 people over to the house for a baby shower. I haven't
had that many people in my house since college. It was given by all of us who
work in the costume shop. All I had to do was clean the house and buy
the drinks.

I closed the show here at the "big house" . ( The theater where I work
most of the year).

I spent my two weeks off at the Shakespeare theater, ( where I work
during the summer ). We did the annual free play at the park. This
year we did The Comedy of Errors. It was a wacky Austin Powers
version with lots of silliness and extra mayhem. It rained , a lot.
But we still managed to do all the shows even when we lost the body mics
the last night.

Went back to work today to begin the last show of this season.
It's a farce called "The Underpants ". It's an 1911 German play adapted
by Steve Martin. It should be fun.

I got the okay to begin cutting back on wearing the STUPID night splint
I have been having to wear to bed for the past 6 weeks . Maybe I can actually
sleep through the night now.

I have been missing Battlestar Galactica. I have been both delighted and disgusted by Grey's Anatomy. I am happy about the Veronica Mars news. And I am actually watching Alias after giving up on it earlier this year. ( It's the Vaughn, I can't help myself ) . I am making my way through both Due South
( now in season 3 ) and Life on Mars. ( episode 6 )

There has been shocking news from home.
behind here for the medically squeamish  )

Well that sums most of it up.
I will post much sooner next time.


I Believe - Chris Isaak
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I am on " vacation " for the next 3 weeks .
This means that I survived the last 2 shows.

P & P was great but far too many weeks.
The poor cast was tired and baffled by the low
attendance of their run. We tried to tell them that
it was just the dreaded January slot , but it
that was very little help with 9 shows a week.

They did find a few ways to amuse themselves.
You haven't lived lived until you seen a perfectly
turned out Mr Darcy doing a spot on FlyGuy imitation,
strutting down the hall crowing " Where's my
Bitches! " Fun Times.

The second show was new Jewish play.
It was very well received and nearly sold out.
Also a great and playful cast. I really do love my work.

But the week after week does wear you down.
And my left foot decided to develop a bone spur in
the heel. So every day I got to aggravate my already
aching foot. And the tons of overtime , while profitable
did not help. I give in tomorrow and see the podiatrist.
Old lady shoes here I come.


Car Wheels On A Gravel Road - Lucinda Williams


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