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Two questions so far:

[ profile] auntiemeeshwrote
Okay, tell us about your decorating style. How you've done up your house/apartment/place of abode, your philosophy on interior decoration, etc. :)

I looked over the house and the short answer is, strong color on the walls and patterned rugs on the floors.
Most of the furniture is antique. Not the precious , fragile kind, but sturdy stuff from the 1900's or 20's.
My mother in law is a world class collector of antiques. And she is very generous with hand me downs.
So mostly my " philosophy" revolves around making the furniture look good. And being comfortable.

Here are some pictures. (I hope)
living room




All these were taken post remodeling or painting. They have all evolved since then.I just believe, use what you have and try to make it work together.

The second question is more difficult.

[ profile] lomer wrote:
What's a simple pleasure that never fails to make you happy?

There are so many! When I look around me I see things that please
or amuse me all the time. I like to observe and muse on everyday things.
Maybe observation is a pleasure to me.

But if I had to choose one , I like my very own bed. Settling in to sleep , listening to the
breathing of the hubby and the dogs is a little slice of heaven to me.
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Time for the sadly overdue post about my life .

Here it is in sections.

Visualize your co-workers. Now imagine them
dripping wet and naked. Then imagine that it is your job to hand
him or her a towel. Followed by underwear and
all other clothing required for the next scene. And this all has to happen
in the space of less than a minute. This is my current life.

Yes, we are remounting Metamorphoses.
The link contains very nice pictures from last time. And yes ,
it is my job to put those giant wigs on that naked man.

Our home life is currently being dominated by the puppy.
Rita is teething. And hence being extra cranky and chewy.
She has big molars and canines mixed with tiny little
nubs of teeth in the middle. There is no safe item in the entire house.
All are being tested for chew worthiness. I have to keep my ears
tuned into the slightest little slurping sounds. She is quite sneaky for
one so young.

I did have Monday off so I spent it in typical holiday fashion.
I went shopping and to see PTOC. I checked all my higher
brain functions at the door and enjoyed it very much.
As it is Disney, I don't expect great truths , just mindless fun.
And it was.

Sincere thanks to all of you who posted congrats to me on
the Tony award. I appreciate the good wishes.

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The new year is remarkably like the old one.
2006 was , on a person level, pretty uneventful.
It was the usual cycle of work , travel and occasional
fun stuff. I was quite happy to take a breather from the big dramas
of '05.

I know that was not the case with many on my little friends list.
Let's just all wish each other good health , happiness and
better times .

The things that have amazed or amused me lately.

listed here )

I need to sign off to take advantage of this very rare weekend off.




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