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This time of the year my brain lies simmering inside my skull.
Summoning up enough energy to go outside is often beyond me.
The split shift work schedule is to blame. Every other day get up at
7 am to get to the theatre by 8:30 for the kids show preparation.
By 12:30 I'm heading back to the house for lunch an a nap.
Either 4 or five hours later It's back to work for the evening show.
The other three days I end up sleeping too late to recoup from the
lack of sleep the night before. And then the afternoon is gone and
it's back to the grind again.
The weeks are passing by in a sort of heat
filled light and dark blur. This is how I see summer.

There are some benefits though. The kid's show features several very good looking
young men sporting broadswords, daggers and leather jerkins. And it is my job to lace and buckle them into said items. Yeah , I know it skirts dirty old woman territory. But really, who can blame me?

And I'm glad to say My family is doing well. My younger niece just had a
baby, and he is a cutie.
He was born June 21. Mother and baby are both doing great.

And the dogs continue to amuse. Rita is now 40 plus pounds of solid muscle. The subtle battle for alpha dog is in full swing. Betsy still has the upper hand but Rita is coming up fast. And now that both dogs can reach the extra high bed it could get ugly.

I have also found Burn Notice to be the "perfect summer fling" as per [ profile] thassalia . I'm a big a Jeffery Donavan fan, so I'm pleased to see him play something
other than a serial killer. And Bruce Campbell is all kinds of awesome.
Sun, fun and spies , What more can you want?


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