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There has been much going on with me . I spent almost 3 weeks with the Big Honking Musical.
Tech rehearsal week alone was 71.25 hours. So there has been much overtime and rejoicing.
It is a Gospel version of" Jesus Christ Superstar" It is huge in every way. It has a HUGE cast,
(59 people ) , HUGE set with lots of automated moving set pieces, and a the biggest sound console I have ever seen.
It has the blessing of the powers that be in London. In fact, both Tim RIce and Mr Lloyd Webber
have flown over to see it and both gave it thumbs up!

It looks great but the work load on every one is intense. The sound team has microphones on 38 people and a 10 piece band.
Nearly every cast member is wearing solid white so wardrobe is in stain removal hell. There are so many people in the show that we ran out of
dressing rooms. The 29 person choir has to make do with temporary dressing areas that have to be cleared every night.
And , of course, the computer controls for the set and sound have each gone down for a few desperate minutes (or hours).
But , it spite of all the crazy, it is a amazing show. It looks as though it will have a life beyond this production.
Since we are producing partners, we could make a cut of the profit.
Here's hoping it plays forever.

I worked through opening then trained my replacement and moved to open the next show.
This one is the winner of our Graduate Student Playwriting Competition. I went from crazy large show to
manageable and cozy one. I only feel a little guilty. I have just six cast members in a ninety minute comedy.

But we have had our own little dramas. Last Saturday one of the actors had to rush home. There was a family emergency.
So our understudy was called in for the next day. She got the message on her phone while out to dinner with her
boyfriend. Shortly after they were robbed at gunpoint while going to their car. The poor girl got 3 hours of sleep before
coming in to a fast run through , costume fitting, and a two show day!

In two weeks both shows will be history. It is a wacky way to make a living.
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It has been a long , long time since I last posted.
I have had a laid back sort of fall.

Here is the good.

I have finished one of the season's shows already. It was a comedy review by The Second
City. But all the costumes were really more like props . So I spent 5 weeks reading books
and surfing the net while the show was happening down the hall.
They were a great cast , but it was a rather boring run for me.

This week we are starting Christmas Carol. It was been alarmingly easy so far.
We go into full dress on Sunday. That will be the test.

I have a new great nephew, born Nov 5th. But I have yet to receive any photos. He is healthy
and thriving, so I can wait.

I have been wallowing in the cheestastic goodness that is True Blood. I expected to like it, as I
am a long time fan of the books. But I didn't think I would reach the true fannish levels that I have.
But there is only one week left. I'm going to miss my fucked up southern gothic vampire show.
It is coming back next summer though. By then I feel I will need the escape more than ever.

But It does leave my plate clear for the final run of episodes of Battlestar Galactica.
I just know that this is going to hurt. But I think I will be able to go back and re watch this series.
And that is more than I can say of most of the shows I've followed in recent years.

Our crazy puppy is 11 months old now. He is almost 20 pounds and very dog like.
He is beginning to learn how to entertain himself. It is great to see him work things out for himself.

Now for the bad.

In 1995 I met up with a group of online fans of Anne Rice. We organized a trip to New Orleans to
attend her Halloween Ball. We filled the weekend with fun and frivolity. We still correspond daily
through a list maintained by our friend known as Ruby. She has Chron's Disease.
She has fought this illness off for over 14 years but , this time, she is losing the fight. Even if she pulls through,
this bout she will , at best , be on a feeding tube. It is hard to think of the vital and fun loving person
we know forced to live that way. I just keeping saying to myself , It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years.

Till next time.
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It's that time again, the last two weeks of the summer stock season.
There are four shows in the rotation now. This means that 5 days a week we do
2 shows a day. And 1 day a week we do 3 shows a day.

Yeah, it is exhausting. The combination of the lack of sleep and the hot weather makes
for a semi zombiefied state. But, as soon as this is over I get 5 weeks off. And included
in that stretch of time is my own personal 'staycation" , DragonCon.

I am working on a new costume, the yellow BSG deckhand. I have volunteered
to be a costume judge at the Colonial Fleet party. And I have also signed up for 2 panels.
Thoughts of this keep me going when I have to get up at 6:15 AM to go help entertain the kiddies.

The drought here seems to be breaking. The bad news is that it is being broken by massive
thunderstorms. I came home from work yesterday to find this:

former pine tree

This WAS a huge pine tree. It sheared off about 20 feet above the ground.
The good news? It fell AWAY from the house. The bad news? It took out two more trees with with
it . Two large water oaks. The back of our lot now looks like this:

tree pile

I am so not looking forward to the visit from the tree service . This is going to cost a mint.

And to top off all this the power outages knocked out a water treatment plant and we are on a "boil your drinking water" advisory till tomorrow.

I intend to drown all my troubles in the wee hours tomorrow by taking in the midnight preview
of the new X Files movie. I hope it as good as I want it to be.


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I arrived home tonight at 10:10 PM. This is not normal for me. Most Sundays I am still
in the midst of the post show duties at that time.
The reason for this is the new play that we put into previews this week.

It's a Sarah Rhule play, Eurydice. It's short , but beautiful. And this production combines
my two theater worlds. It's a co-production, but this is one done right.
My summer home , the Shakespeare company and the large regional theater I work at the rest
of the year have joined forces. I am kind of in heaven. It's a great way to end the "regular season".

The news from home is good. My mother continues to be a star patient. She is getting around
quite well with her little walker. She is so tiny that they had to find a extra small one.
But she has always been a fiercely determined person. It continues to serve her well.

We also discovered that my oldest niece is pregnant with her second child. She is convinced
it will be a girl. But we will see.

The puppy is growing into a streamlined little wonder. His puppy fat is no more!
Do all small dogs develop this quickly? I have so little experience with the little breeds.

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I haven't posted in 16 days. That's because all but two of them have been spent
at the theatre. Our days have averaged 12 hours. I worked 69 hours last week alone.

We are doing Sophisticated Ladies. It's a musical review using the songs of Duke Ellington. That's 32 numbers in 2 hours. Very elaborate costumes , big sets , insane choreography, but only 8 performers. Once again , the back stage crew outnumbers the folks on stage. It's like a huge clockwork machine. Most of the musical numbers are about 4 minutes long. So every 4 minutes every thing changes. We all move at precise times to avoid moving scenery, or mass exits from stage. And of course, everyone is changing costumes in the midst of all this. It is really a beautiful thing when it is working

But it takes many long and painful hours to get this all down. And last week started out
badly for us on the wardrobe crew. TPTB decided that we could make do with only two
dressers. This was a big mistake . We were literally sprinting from fast change to fast
change. And I ended up twisting my ankle quite badly while making one run. After
our first very wobbly preview, we got our third dresser. And now we are a happy little band. It's still hard work , but we have got it controlled now. And that makes a huge difference on the whole backstage atmosphere.

I am due for a huge treat , though. I'm going computer shopping this week!!
All this work has to be for something.
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I am in that wonderful time of the year known as hiatus.

We closed " Sleuth' last night. It was well received. I hope that
it made enough money. We won't know for a week or two.

It was " more exciting" than it should have been. One , of the two,
actors went out one night with laryngitis. His understudy had quit the
previous week so the director went on " on book'.
On book means that a person goes on stage with a script in his hand
and walks through the part. In this case, it meant that our very "flamboyant '
director camped his way through the whole night. Much to the equal
horror and delight of us all. The audience was offered the chance to exchange
their tickets for another night and several did , but no one left. :)

I have two weeks off . 10 days of that will be spent in Amsterdam
and London ! We fly out on Thursday. So I have adequate time
to clean the house for the house/ dog sitter. And do the thousand little things
that precede a 9 day trip.

I am looking forward to running away from the constant pall that is hanging
over us here in Atlanta. Our drought has now made the national news.
We are reusing water, flushing less, showering with buckets and all manner of
crazy stuff.
I can't even turn on the tap without guilt these days. Hopefully , the weather
patterns will return to normal before the year is out . If we can hold out it till then it
will all be okay.

Oh well , life is supposed to be a challenge right?
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Yes I have neglected my LJ once again. I spent the month of September
on hiatus from work. So I don't have as much to talk about.

The high points?

A branch of Lush has opened here. My bank account will be much smaller and my mental attitude much improved.

I did a little " fall cleaning " and a lot of being lazy.

I caught up on dentist, doctor , eye exam appointments. I passed all with flying colors.

My passport, driver's license, and car tags have all be renewed.

My work contract was increased by extra weeks. So Yea! for more employment.

I looks like I CAN travel with the husband to the UK this year , instead of next.

Lots of very fun new TV.

The not so good

The older dog has a abscessed anal gland, Yes, that is just as gross as it sounds.
She licked and bit at herself the whole weekend that I was in tech rehearsal and the husband out of town. The end result? She is she is shaved , drugged up and encased in a huge E collar. It extends 12 inches out from her neck ! The vets said that her breed is really good at overcoming the collars so she had to have the extra big one.

So the last two days have been all about running into things. But , also this means that all her bad habits are instantly broken. She can't drink out of the toilet or jump on the bed. All trash cans are also now off limits. So no doggie fun for her. But to her credit, she has figured how to eat and drink with it on.

It's also really hard not to laugh a little watching her figure her way around the house.
But the good news is that the drugs should clear her up. So hopefully , no permanent
harm is done.

That's the round up for now......
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Since the last time I posted I have been very busy indeed.

We opened and closed Metamorphoses.

We opened and ran The Servant of Two Masters .
A fun , easy show with lots of audience appeal ,

Last week we paused that show and tech rehearsed and opened Pericles. A show with magic, woe and 78 costume changes.

This week we put those two shows in repertory by night, while dress rehearsing the kid's show in the
mornings. Robin hood opens wednesday after next.

Can I just say I'm tired.....

But I DO have Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. So that makes it all better.

I haven't even turned on the TV much less followed any sort of fannish pursuits.

I DID find the perfect black pantsuit at Loehmann's for my President Roslin for Dragoncon.
( It was only 65 dollars !! )
All I need now is a wig and I'm ready for my parade march. Hee!

By next week my life will become a controlled juggling act as opposed to the wild flinging about
of crap it is now.

But LJ is keeping me sane.
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Time for the sadly overdue post about my life .

Here it is in sections.

Visualize your co-workers. Now imagine them
dripping wet and naked. Then imagine that it is your job to hand
him or her a towel. Followed by underwear and
all other clothing required for the next scene. And this all has to happen
in the space of less than a minute. This is my current life.

Yes, we are remounting Metamorphoses.
The link contains very nice pictures from last time. And yes ,
it is my job to put those giant wigs on that naked man.

Our home life is currently being dominated by the puppy.
Rita is teething. And hence being extra cranky and chewy.
She has big molars and canines mixed with tiny little
nubs of teeth in the middle. There is no safe item in the entire house.
All are being tested for chew worthiness. I have to keep my ears
tuned into the slightest little slurping sounds. She is quite sneaky for
one so young.

I did have Monday off so I spent it in typical holiday fashion.
I went shopping and to see PTOC. I checked all my higher
brain functions at the door and enjoyed it very much.
As it is Disney, I don't expect great truths , just mindless fun.
And it was.

Sincere thanks to all of you who posted congrats to me on
the Tony award. I appreciate the good wishes.

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I have let weeks go by without a post of any substance.

Work is good now. The current show right in the middle of
the run. There are 8 actors in it . Three of them play one role.
The other 5 play up to 14 characters each. This adds up to
tons of clothes and dozens of fast changes each. While this
is hard work for we brave few in the wardrobe crew, it is also what
we love the most. It seems crazy but I would much
rather be running backstage that sitting back there trying not to doze off.

And it seems we have a former sci-fi notable in the cast.
Tyr something ? ) I was never an Andromeda fan so I had no clue until I read the program.
But I think he has a little more to fear from the fans of his former soap opera roles.
I can report that he is a nice guy and we have grown to like him.

We did have a actor go down last week in the middle of a performance.
The show was stopped at intermission. We packed it in while he was
rushed down the street to the hospital. Poor guy was struck down by the return of his bleeding
ulcer. He was so upset , not by his illness mind you. He didn't want to " let us all down".
No one has a stronger work ethic than an actor, a serious one anyway.

I spent my day off today at the Park. Working. It's the annual Shake at the Lake week here
in Atlanta. I will not be working on the show this year but that didn't stop me from being
sweet talked into helping with the load in and set up. We had a small army out today
and huge progress was made.

The puppy , Rita , has blended seamlessly in with our other dog Betsy.
She exercises Betsy much more than we ever could. The weather has been so good
that they spend most of the day outdoors romping and chasing the squirrels .
By 10 PM they can hardly lift their little heads. Next week we begin the wonderful
world of leash training!

I have masses to TV to catch up on. I'm going to see if I can keep my eyes open long
enough to watch a couple of episodes of "something".

Cheers !

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It's almost the end of the current show. We have only the 5 show weekend
left. Then I have 5 weeks off ! I am counting the minutes till then.

Meanwhile here is a list of stuff that happened lately.

Things of the good.

I will NOT be working during Dragon Con this year. I can go to panels !
I can drink and dine with friends ! This is the first time in 3 years that I can actually
get my money's worth.

I am also employed throughout the entire summer this year. From May 14 to
August 19 I will be dressing 5 (!!!!) shows. Damn, this is just like my old college
schedule. Hopefully I will still be able to keep up that kind of pace.

We are going puppy shopping at the Humane Society in the next week or two.
Our dog has so been needing a playmate. Five weeks off will give us the time
to fold another canine into the pack.

I have finally seen all of Season 1 of The Office and am plowing through Season 2.
I have only worked in a office for less than a year of my life. So watching this show is like visiting an alternate universe. Funny but very , very strange.

I have also found the season 2 episodes of Life on Mars. Still loving this show beyond reason.

My costume buddy and I will begin work on our BSG costumes next week. We have the actual buttons are used in the TV uniforms! I found some beautiful fabric that comes
quite close to the real thing.

Things of the woe.

My computer is losing it's optical drive. It will read discs but will not burn them.
So I have 3 choices. I can replace the drive of my 5 year old iMac. I can try to find an old
outboard disc burner that will not create soft ware conflicts. Or figure out some way to
afford a shiny new Mac. It's all an exercise in frustration. This mostly means that the discs that I owe to people ( sorry [ profile] sdwolfpup ) will be delayed for a few weeks.

We had to replace our internet service provider. We have had the same one since 1995.
It is really sad that they would piss me off so badly that I have to fire them after
all these years. But at least you can now " rent" the same email addresses. I have a
year to make the transition, so not too woeful.

So much for the highlights.


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It's been a while since my last post.
As usual it's been all about the work. work , work.

theater follies )

But , for once, the show is huge seller and crowd pleaser.
This helps the mental state , if not the physical one.

On the personal my old trusted cell phone died so last
week I replaced it with a pretty new one.

pretty !

I'm a little in love. I've spent all my spare minutes for days learning all the tricks and playing with the settings.

I have been watching the minimum daily required TV.
BSG which still kinda owns me. And the latest Si Fi
offering The Dresden Files.

I had high hopes for this one. The books are among my favorites.
The adaptation takes huge liberties , of course. But it does present
Harry Dresden in a sort of matter of fact and low key style that I like.
And Terrence Mann as Bob is a fab idea. If you have to make Bob
more " visual " he is just the guy for the job. I guess my take is , "okay,
I'll give a chance".

All for now.

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The new year is remarkably like the old one.
2006 was , on a person level, pretty uneventful.
It was the usual cycle of work , travel and occasional
fun stuff. I was quite happy to take a breather from the big dramas
of '05.

I know that was not the case with many on my little friends list.
Let's just all wish each other good health , happiness and
better times .

The things that have amazed or amused me lately.

listed here )

I need to sign off to take advantage of this very rare weekend off.


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Well it has been an interesting 2 weeks or so.

Dragoncon )

The show is in it's last week. I send them forth with my best wishes.
They were a great group and an audience favorite.
They have 10 more months to tour. I'm glad that I'm not on that insane
schedule. I much prefer to stay and let the shows come to me.

I have , due to [ profile] sdwolfpup purchased a new DVD player
that plays DIVX files. Now the hubby and I will be able the share the wonders
of Life on Mars and Dr Who together on the large TV.
Speaking of "those " files . [ profile] simplystars sent me a lovely little
package . It made my day to find it in my mail box .

The hubby is out of town . This is day 4 of 10. I usually spend these extended
trips out of town shopping and house cleaning more that usual.
So far I have found a place that sells pants that fit me perfectly and
cleaned out the garbage disposal. Go me!

On a personal note.

possible TMI health stuff )
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Damn ! I haven't posted since the 8th.
Life has continued at it's usual insane pace.

work  )

Dragon Con )

I have obtained Veronica Mars season 2 on DVD.
I am watching them at about 2 a night . It is really interesting to
see the little clues as they add up. And I still LOVE the dialogue
to little tiny bits. We should all be so witty in everyday life.

The days are crawling toward BSG . I hope that this season is worth the wait.
What the hell, I am it's slave even if it isn't . Sad really.
Speaking of BSG did anyone go to the convention this last weekend ?
there must have been SOME juicy tidbits learned.

Any one going to Dragon Con please post here. I want to exchange
phone numbers via Email if I may.

All for now....

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I have spent the last week completely surrounded by
naked people. The "show by the pool" has unleashed
the inner exhibitionist in a fair number of the cast .

It's like being the Mom of a bunch of overgrown toddlers
at bath time. I strive to maintain a professional demeanor,
but it's damn hard when they are flashing each other and
giggling like fiends. And , to be fair , it's hard not to frolic when
you have a legitimate reason to be NAKED every night.

It has turned out to be a huge artistic success. During rehearsals
this week I often found myself standing in the wings slack jawed in
amazement at the visual effects we have conjured up.
You can see what I'm posting about on the website .
There are photos of very pretty wet people , little videos and all manner of info.

It makes the sheer hard work and drudgery worth while.
( Yeah theater is only pretty out front.)
But , what the hell , I'm really horrible at office work.

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I have spent the last 6 weeks or so as a stitcher in the
costume shop. This translates to sitting on my ass for 8
hours a day altering or constructing clothes for the show.

But today I had a reprieve from my drudgery.

I went on a photo shoot with three of my favorite actors.
As our next production takes place in the water, we went
to the house of one of our board members for a session
by her pool. It was wonderful to dress them up and watch them frolic.
It gave us all a boost and there was a good deal of creative work done.

They are , of course , good looking folks and the shots of them
in the highly romantic poses of greek gods are going to be breathtaking.
And we discovered that this is for the cover of the arts section
of our newspaper. This is very exciting as we rarely make it that big here in the
local press.

I am really beginning to think that all the silliness we will be going through
is going to to pay off in an amazing show. This helps a lot in both the personal
and collective morale.

This , and the spreading anticipation among the BSG fans on my flist makes for
a happy little me.

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I have spent most of my summer trapped , stitching , in the basement of the
Theater . I am actually quite good at this stuff but I kind of hate it.
I am by nature an active sort of person and sitting in one place
drives me a little CRAZY! So I am counting the hours until Sunday when
I revert to my usual running crew position. I so want to go back to being
a dresser. I have missed my wacky assed actors.

Speaking of the actors we all have an usual challenge ahead of us.
The next show Is Metamorphoses. It's an adaption of the myths of Ovid.
And the entire play takes place in and around a pool of water. A 24' by
24' pool mounted on our thrust stage. This means that we are dealing
with 10 wet , mostly naked actors. This leads to massive safety and comfort

So to head off some of the surprises, they are rehearsing out back
of the loading dock in 10' round kiddie pool. There is something ridiculous
about walking out the back door and seeing adults fighting with sticks in a
kiddie pool. And we are paid for this! Yeah, I get paid to hang with the Gods
at the pool till August 13. ( really , life IS good )

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for I have sinned . I haven't posted in this journal in
5 weeks!!
Well I was a little busy. Since April 10 I have done the following .

Went to a great Catholic wedding , after which the priest got
roaring drunk at the reception. Highly entertaining for one and all.

We had 35 people over to the house for a baby shower. I haven't
had that many people in my house since college. It was given by all of us who
work in the costume shop. All I had to do was clean the house and buy
the drinks.

I closed the show here at the "big house" . ( The theater where I work
most of the year).

I spent my two weeks off at the Shakespeare theater, ( where I work
during the summer ). We did the annual free play at the park. This
year we did The Comedy of Errors. It was a wacky Austin Powers
version with lots of silliness and extra mayhem. It rained , a lot.
But we still managed to do all the shows even when we lost the body mics
the last night.

Went back to work today to begin the last show of this season.
It's a farce called "The Underpants ". It's an 1911 German play adapted
by Steve Martin. It should be fun.

I got the okay to begin cutting back on wearing the STUPID night splint
I have been having to wear to bed for the past 6 weeks . Maybe I can actually
sleep through the night now.

I have been missing Battlestar Galactica. I have been both delighted and disgusted by Grey's Anatomy. I am happy about the Veronica Mars news. And I am actually watching Alias after giving up on it earlier this year. ( It's the Vaughn, I can't help myself ) . I am making my way through both Due South
( now in season 3 ) and Life on Mars. ( episode 6 )

There has been shocking news from home.
behind here for the medically squeamish  )

Well that sums most of it up.
I will post much sooner next time.


I Believe - Chris Isaak
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First things first.
Happy Birthday to [ profile] crankygrrl and [ profile] boofadil .
I wish you both many happy returns .

Well, the time off passed in a blinding rush.

I drove to Savannah to check in on my mom-in-law.
I continue to LOVE my new little car. It is so very zippy.
It just makes me feel energetic just to look at it.

Then the hubby and I flew to New York for 3 days.
I shopped and walked and caught up with my oldest
friend. He has decided that we need to leave the South
and come live in Brooklyn. And there are some days
that I so agree with him. So , when the untold riches that
will no doubt fall from the heavens for me arrive, I will
go shopping for that perfect brownstone .

Then I went back to work. The tech week for our latest production
was long. ( 67 hrs for me ) It has been plagued by technical
problems with the set. So that added an unwelcome "hurry up and wait"
vibe to to the process. It is another world premiere. This one is
intense. It is about a victim of the Algerian Wars of the late 50's.
He is a surgeon , suspected of aiding terrorists, who is imprisoned
and tortured by a French officer. It is not easy to relax backstage
and think about your next task when the lead actor is being "electrocuted "
6 feet from you. I could NEVER be an actor .


Ain`t Necessarily So - Bronski Beat


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