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I arrived home tonight at 10:10 PM. This is not normal for me. Most Sundays I am still
in the midst of the post show duties at that time.
The reason for this is the new play that we put into previews this week.

It's a Sarah Rhule play, Eurydice. It's short , but beautiful. And this production combines
my two theater worlds. It's a co-production, but this is one done right.
My summer home , the Shakespeare company and the large regional theater I work at the rest
of the year have joined forces. I am kind of in heaven. It's a great way to end the "regular season".

The news from home is good. My mother continues to be a star patient. She is getting around
quite well with her little walker. She is so tiny that they had to find a extra small one.
But she has always been a fiercely determined person. It continues to serve her well.

We also discovered that my oldest niece is pregnant with her second child. She is convinced
it will be a girl. But we will see.

The puppy is growing into a streamlined little wonder. His puppy fat is no more!
Do all small dogs develop this quickly? I have so little experience with the little breeds.

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Yes I have neglected my LJ once again. I spent the month of September
on hiatus from work. So I don't have as much to talk about.

The high points?

A branch of Lush has opened here. My bank account will be much smaller and my mental attitude much improved.

I did a little " fall cleaning " and a lot of being lazy.

I caught up on dentist, doctor , eye exam appointments. I passed all with flying colors.

My passport, driver's license, and car tags have all be renewed.

My work contract was increased by extra weeks. So Yea! for more employment.

I looks like I CAN travel with the husband to the UK this year , instead of next.

Lots of very fun new TV.

The not so good

The older dog has a abscessed anal gland, Yes, that is just as gross as it sounds.
She licked and bit at herself the whole weekend that I was in tech rehearsal and the husband out of town. The end result? She is she is shaved , drugged up and encased in a huge E collar. It extends 12 inches out from her neck ! The vets said that her breed is really good at overcoming the collars so she had to have the extra big one.

So the last two days have been all about running into things. But , also this means that all her bad habits are instantly broken. She can't drink out of the toilet or jump on the bed. All trash cans are also now off limits. So no doggie fun for her. But to her credit, she has figured how to eat and drink with it on.

It's also really hard not to laugh a little watching her figure her way around the house.
But the good news is that the drugs should clear her up. So hopefully , no permanent
harm is done.

That's the round up for now......
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I have let weeks go by without a post of any substance.

Work is good now. The current show right in the middle of
the run. There are 8 actors in it . Three of them play one role.
The other 5 play up to 14 characters each. This adds up to
tons of clothes and dozens of fast changes each. While this
is hard work for we brave few in the wardrobe crew, it is also what
we love the most. It seems crazy but I would much
rather be running backstage that sitting back there trying not to doze off.

And it seems we have a former sci-fi notable in the cast.
Tyr something ? ) I was never an Andromeda fan so I had no clue until I read the program.
But I think he has a little more to fear from the fans of his former soap opera roles.
I can report that he is a nice guy and we have grown to like him.

We did have a actor go down last week in the middle of a performance.
The show was stopped at intermission. We packed it in while he was
rushed down the street to the hospital. Poor guy was struck down by the return of his bleeding
ulcer. He was so upset , not by his illness mind you. He didn't want to " let us all down".
No one has a stronger work ethic than an actor, a serious one anyway.

I spent my day off today at the Park. Working. It's the annual Shake at the Lake week here
in Atlanta. I will not be working on the show this year but that didn't stop me from being
sweet talked into helping with the load in and set up. We had a small army out today
and huge progress was made.

The puppy , Rita , has blended seamlessly in with our other dog Betsy.
She exercises Betsy much more than we ever could. The weather has been so good
that they spend most of the day outdoors romping and chasing the squirrels .
By 10 PM they can hardly lift their little heads. Next week we begin the wonderful
world of leash training!

I have masses to TV to catch up on. I'm going to see if I can keep my eyes open long
enough to watch a couple of episodes of "something".

Cheers !



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