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It's been a while since my last post.
As usual it's been all about the work. work , work.

theater follies )

But , for once, the show is huge seller and crowd pleaser.
This helps the mental state , if not the physical one.

On the personal my old trusted cell phone died so last
week I replaced it with a pretty new one.

pretty !

I'm a little in love. I've spent all my spare minutes for days learning all the tricks and playing with the settings.

I have been watching the minimum daily required TV.
BSG which still kinda owns me. And the latest Si Fi
offering The Dresden Files.

I had high hopes for this one. The books are among my favorites.
The adaptation takes huge liberties , of course. But it does present
Harry Dresden in a sort of matter of fact and low key style that I like.
And Terrence Mann as Bob is a fab idea. If you have to make Bob
more " visual " he is just the guy for the job. I guess my take is , "okay,
I'll give a chance".

All for now.

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for I have sinned . I haven't posted in this journal in
5 weeks!!
Well I was a little busy. Since April 10 I have done the following .

Went to a great Catholic wedding , after which the priest got
roaring drunk at the reception. Highly entertaining for one and all.

We had 35 people over to the house for a baby shower. I haven't
had that many people in my house since college. It was given by all of us who
work in the costume shop. All I had to do was clean the house and buy
the drinks.

I closed the show here at the "big house" . ( The theater where I work
most of the year).

I spent my two weeks off at the Shakespeare theater, ( where I work
during the summer ). We did the annual free play at the park. This
year we did The Comedy of Errors. It was a wacky Austin Powers
version with lots of silliness and extra mayhem. It rained , a lot.
But we still managed to do all the shows even when we lost the body mics
the last night.

Went back to work today to begin the last show of this season.
It's a farce called "The Underpants ". It's an 1911 German play adapted
by Steve Martin. It should be fun.

I got the okay to begin cutting back on wearing the STUPID night splint
I have been having to wear to bed for the past 6 weeks . Maybe I can actually
sleep through the night now.

I have been missing Battlestar Galactica. I have been both delighted and disgusted by Grey's Anatomy. I am happy about the Veronica Mars news. And I am actually watching Alias after giving up on it earlier this year. ( It's the Vaughn, I can't help myself ) . I am making my way through both Due South
( now in season 3 ) and Life on Mars. ( episode 6 )

There has been shocking news from home.
behind here for the medically squeamish  )

Well that sums most of it up.
I will post much sooner next time.


I Believe - Chris Isaak
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The 2 things that leaped out at me during last
night's episode.

opinions with visual aids )

Proud - Heather Small
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I'm going to give in to my raging inner
fangirl and line up for Jamie Bamber's autograph.

Apollo is the big 'ole hero now.
Am I am so pleased and amused.



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