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........And I both liked and disliked it.
I will have to leave the more substantial thoughts
for later today.
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It's that time again, the last two weeks of the summer stock season.
There are four shows in the rotation now. This means that 5 days a week we do
2 shows a day. And 1 day a week we do 3 shows a day.

Yeah, it is exhausting. The combination of the lack of sleep and the hot weather makes
for a semi zombiefied state. But, as soon as this is over I get 5 weeks off. And included
in that stretch of time is my own personal 'staycation" , DragonCon.

I am working on a new costume, the yellow BSG deckhand. I have volunteered
to be a costume judge at the Colonial Fleet party. And I have also signed up for 2 panels.
Thoughts of this keep me going when I have to get up at 6:15 AM to go help entertain the kiddies.

The drought here seems to be breaking. The bad news is that it is being broken by massive
thunderstorms. I came home from work yesterday to find this:

former pine tree

This WAS a huge pine tree. It sheared off about 20 feet above the ground.
The good news? It fell AWAY from the house. The bad news? It took out two more trees with with
it . Two large water oaks. The back of our lot now looks like this:

tree pile

I am so not looking forward to the visit from the tree service . This is going to cost a mint.

And to top off all this the power outages knocked out a water treatment plant and we are on a "boil your drinking water" advisory till tomorrow.

I intend to drown all my troubles in the wee hours tomorrow by taking in the midnight preview
of the new X Files movie. I hope it as good as I want it to be.


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My humble contribution to more joy day is here.

I took my 6 month old boston terrier , Winston to the theater
with me this evening. Nothing says joy like actors and puppies together.

I managed to take a few shots that were non blurry.

more here )

The costumes are from our "Summer of Love " production of As You Like It.
So all the noble men have gone to the forest to tune in , turn on and drop out.
Trust me when I say it is silly in the extreme.

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I looked like this.

Yes it was a rainy , sultry day in the deep south city of Mobile, Alabama when two
nervous college students decided take a huge leap and wed.
I was terrified. I had seen my parents and most of their friends go through bitter
divorces. So IMHO marriage was a losers game. But somehow he convinced me that
we would be okay. And dammed if he wasn't right.
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who dress up their dogs. * hangs head in mock shame*

Here he is at puppy class graduation. I was astounded that he let me put the silly
mortarboard on his head much less stay still for a picture. He was dubbed the "zen
master " of the class. So The next step is to socialize the heck of out him. So far he is
doing great. I can't even take him for a walk without someone stopping to fuss over him.
So he thinks new people are the best thing ever. He will develop a massive ego in no time!
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I have been remiss in my birthday wishes . In the last week or so [ profile] spoonishly, [ profile] kixxa, [ profile] stlscape, [ profile] 50mm
and [ profile] thassalia have all had birthdays. I hope that all your natal days were all that you desired.
All of you graciously allow me to look into your lives , and by doing that you enrich mine. Thanks!
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The dogs are getting along very well.

They do make a striking couple, don't they?

Winston is just shy of 4 months old now.
We went to his very first puppy training class today.
He was a rock star! He was calm , attentive and highly admired by
everyone. My plan of taking him around with me this summer is coming together.

I am off for two glorious weeks. I hit the road to the coast in the AM.
My mother in law just had all new floors put in that I have been dying to see.

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Two questions so far:

[ profile] auntiemeeshwrote
Okay, tell us about your decorating style. How you've done up your house/apartment/place of abode, your philosophy on interior decoration, etc. :)

I looked over the house and the short answer is, strong color on the walls and patterned rugs on the floors.
Most of the furniture is antique. Not the precious , fragile kind, but sturdy stuff from the 1900's or 20's.
My mother in law is a world class collector of antiques. And she is very generous with hand me downs.
So mostly my " philosophy" revolves around making the furniture look good. And being comfortable.

Here are some pictures. (I hope)
living room




All these were taken post remodeling or painting. They have all evolved since then.I just believe, use what you have and try to make it work together.

The second question is more difficult.

[ profile] lomer wrote:
What's a simple pleasure that never fails to make you happy?

There are so many! When I look around me I see things that please
or amuse me all the time. I like to observe and muse on everyday things.
Maybe observation is a pleasure to me.

But if I had to choose one , I like my very own bed. Settling in to sleep , listening to the
breathing of the hubby and the dogs is a little slice of heaven to me.
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Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other!
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I arrived home tonight at 10:10 PM. This is not normal for me. Most Sundays I am still
in the midst of the post show duties at that time.
The reason for this is the new play that we put into previews this week.

It's a Sarah Rhule play, Eurydice. It's short , but beautiful. And this production combines
my two theater worlds. It's a co-production, but this is one done right.
My summer home , the Shakespeare company and the large regional theater I work at the rest
of the year have joined forces. I am kind of in heaven. It's a great way to end the "regular season".

The news from home is good. My mother continues to be a star patient. She is getting around
quite well with her little walker. She is so tiny that they had to find a extra small one.
But she has always been a fiercely determined person. It continues to serve her well.

We also discovered that my oldest niece is pregnant with her second child. She is convinced
it will be a girl. But we will see.

The puppy is growing into a streamlined little wonder. His puppy fat is no more!
Do all small dogs develop this quickly? I have so little experience with the little breeds.

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I have been off work for nearly one week. I put the husband on a plane to London.
I scheduled the plumbers for Monday to replace our two aged toilets.
I swung by Home Depot and picked up some very nifty flapperless low water models.
All was settled nicely to have a productive week.

Last week my mom called to tell me that her sister died. She was in hospice care for nearly a year,
so this was sad but expected. Mom and my sister headed out to the funeral Friday morning.
They expected to have lunch with family members attend and return the same day.
On the way they stopped at a gas station where my mom went to the rest room.
There was a step up at the entrance. Well , you have probably guessed it , she fell.
And yes, she broke her hipbone. She is a retired nurse and she knew at once what had happened.
My sister is also works in radiology, so she has a working knowledge of how to treat
people with broken bones. Within minutes the paramedics were there and they sped her to the nearest

It just so happens that it was the largest level 1 trauma center in the state. 10 hours later she was in surgery.
About 3 hours after that, she was the owner of a brand new titanium hip. Now she is surrounded by her daughter,
her two sisters , and several nieces. Her prognosis is better than your average 75 year old. She is very fit and will be
very motivated to do the rehab. She has a younger live in boyfriend and a large group of friends. She knows RN's
aplenty . And her granddaughter is also a nurse. So I am feeling much better about his than I could be right now.
She should be back to the casinos in just a few months. She might have to cut back on the weekly
line dancing though.

I will be heading out to do a few days of the "Mama watch" just as soon as the hubby returns on Wednesday.
In the mean time, there are plumbers , termite inspectors and a tiny puppy to deal with. Life is always
ready with the surprises isn't it ?
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I live my life out of sync with the regular work week.
When I am doing a show our weeks run from Tuesday through
Sunday. So the entire "weekend " consists of Monday.

Most Mondays I end up sleeping late. This leaves precious little time
to get any thing done. It's a battle, relaxation vs the pent up urge to
clean and organize the house. Mr S is great at the big clean up tasks.
But the small daily things escape him. This is nearly the only stereotypical
male thing that he does. He's an amazing shopper, he likes to talk things out,
and the list goes on. It's funny how such a tiny thing can cause me so much
internal stress. I think that I associate a orderly house with an orderly life.
I know that there is no actual correlation. But I still feel better
when I I get up to a clean kitchen.

Having said all this, today I bought a spiffy new vacuum
cleaner. Victory ( in a small way ) is mine! And after this week
I have two weeks off. I'll spend one week of it cleaning out the basement.
( I know. I know. It's a sickness )

But I am going to travel back home to see the family the following week.
I have two great nephews to visit after all.

The puppy continues to be very cute. He now showing some signs of his bulldog
heritage. When he want's into your lap he sits down and stares you into submission.
He wins every time.

Cheers !
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This is Winston. He is currently asleep in a basket next to me.
We brought him home last week. This is the smallest pup I have had since I was
a child. I decided to make a clean break from the aussie / border collie type of pups that we have had in
the last 15 years. I have always secretly wanted a Boston Terrier. My mom had a delightful
little one named Hattie. So we have taken the puppy plunge once again.

So far all is going well. But I had to go the the pet store and buy tiny chew toys and the world's
smallest collar. He is only about 3 and a half pounds so I had to find the "petite' dog's section.
Betsy ( the Aussie ) has discovered that she can lie down and play with him at the same time.
It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship I think.

And a new puppy makes everything better IMHO.
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Sneaking onto a computer at work to say,


Have fun .
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The work week is nearly over. It's Saturday, so this is like Thursday night
in the real world.

We have not had a normal work week since this show began. Last weekend we had
one of our guys out . This weekend one of the girls was out. So in both cases we had to
call a special "put in" rehearsal. Also , both times the one missing person was replaced by two actors.
This was to feature the stronger singing understudies in the featured songs and the stronger dancers
in the dances. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me either.

As you might imagine, the wardrobe crew had to shuffle our whole process
around to do this . So we had zero fun and lots of angst. And we still have two shows left this week.

At least I have the husband back. He arrived this evening. Two weeks away from home has
worn the poor guy out. But he and the pup can hang out and doze all day tomorrow.
While we, at the theater, take bets as to how many people show up Sunday night.
Two years ago, when we last played against the Super Bowl the cast challenged each other
to see how many referee signals the each could work into the show. I wonder what this
cast will come up with.

I want my day off now.
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Greetings from my amazing new computer! I received it today.
Of course, I only had time to fire it up for about an hour before I had to
leave for work. It's going to take me days to tweak it to my satisfaction.

The old computer's screen was 15 inches across, the new one is ginormous at 24
inches. To see them side by side is ridiculous. In the days to come I will post a picture.

I have been knocked on my ass by a killer chest cold. It sucks beyond measure when you have to
go to work sick as the proverbial dog. And on weekends our days are 11 hours long.
My day off ( Monday) was all about hacking up lungs and sleeping fitfully.

The pup and I are on our own till Feb 2. The husband is on the annual European business trip.
He is working at a huge electronics show. So I'm swinging in between feeling sorry for myself
and being enthralled with the new technology.

Things could be worse....
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I haven't posted in 16 days. That's because all but two of them have been spent
at the theatre. Our days have averaged 12 hours. I worked 69 hours last week alone.

We are doing Sophisticated Ladies. It's a musical review using the songs of Duke Ellington. That's 32 numbers in 2 hours. Very elaborate costumes , big sets , insane choreography, but only 8 performers. Once again , the back stage crew outnumbers the folks on stage. It's like a huge clockwork machine. Most of the musical numbers are about 4 minutes long. So every 4 minutes every thing changes. We all move at precise times to avoid moving scenery, or mass exits from stage. And of course, everyone is changing costumes in the midst of all this. It is really a beautiful thing when it is working

But it takes many long and painful hours to get this all down. And last week started out
badly for us on the wardrobe crew. TPTB decided that we could make do with only two
dressers. This was a big mistake . We were literally sprinting from fast change to fast
change. And I ended up twisting my ankle quite badly while making one run. After
our first very wobbly preview, we got our third dresser. And now we are a happy little band. It's still hard work , but we have got it controlled now. And that makes a huge difference on the whole backstage atmosphere.

I am due for a huge treat , though. I'm going computer shopping this week!!
All this work has to be for something.
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Happy New Year to one and all.
I hope that we can all throw off the worst , but keep the
best , of the past year. It has been an eventful one for most of us.

That is why our little haven here so important. LJ is a strange sort of lifeline
to others like ourselves. It can also be a portal to those utterly unlike ourselves.
It turns cold computer code into a living group of fascinating minds at our beck and call.
I never fail to laugh , cry or boggle at the amazing output of us .
I am grateful to have this place.

On a more prosaic note , I have been at home since Christmas.
My days have swung between doing nothing and house cleaning like a fiend.
I have cleaned out my office closet and starting going through my file cabinets.
Today I shredded 5 years worth of old phone bills. I now have the taste of
super organising power!! I have large trash bags I am not afraid to use them.

There has been substantial rain here. That is huge news in this drought stricken
region. On the coast , they had enough rain in one day to make up their rain
deficit for the year! That didn't happen here. But it does give us hope that there
will be a return to more normal weather patterns.

I did use some of the cash I got of Christmas to purchase a nifty new desk chair .
I am hoarding the rest of it for computer related things. I am in the market for a new Mac .
But I am waiting till after the Macworld expo to buy. Anything other way is a fool's errand.

I start the next show tomorrow. It's a huge musical with only 10 dancers / singers.
You can do the math on the backstage mayhem. Oh well , I did sign the contract.

Cheers till next time.
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We have finally reached the last week of that annual
fun fest known as The Christmas Carol.
We have 5 more performances to go. We have have done 6 since
Tuesday. It's really more like Zombie Christmas.
We all are starting to resemble those shuffling undead.

The only thing that has saved me is a XM radio station that plays
nothing but insane novelty Christmas songs.


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