Aug. 26th, 2008

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The rains have come! They are forecasting up to 10 inches of rain between now
and Thursday. After no rain to speak of for the past two summers it is almost freaky
to hear the sound of it outside. But it looks like it is all going to clear up by the weekend.
So our chances of getting rained on during the parade are small.

I have now finished all my Dragon*con prep. All I'm doing now is throwing random stuff
into my mighty rolling toolbox. It is going to be the ultimate repair kit by the time I am through.
I'm not gong to be sleeping at the hotel room this year. I was not able to get a overnight dog sitter.
I do have some on to check up on them during the long days so I can cavort without guilt.
It is actually kind of nice to have an excuse to leave the all night parties.

I have set myself up with a very ambitious schedule . It is so long that I have put it behind a cut.

My D*C schedule )

I hope that I can at least run into some of the LJ folks .
If any one wants to leave the hotel area on Friday or Sunday for an early dinner, I'm your gal.
I am now going to scour my friends list to see who else might be going.


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