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It has been a month since my last post.

The house hold is on a more even keel now that we have a
few weeks distance from the loss of our pup. I have gradually
been putting things away while steeling myself for the burial
of her ashes. I did have a good long cry today when I threw
out he remaining puppy food. It was cathartic. But in all other
aspects we are doing pretty well.

It is the annual forced march known as Christmas Carol.
We have been at it since Nov 20th. There are 5 matinees this
week and next , as well as 3 night shows. The cast and crew is gamely
trudging along. But it continues to be as crazy as ever.

This year we have a little added insanity. A very well known television icon
Is doing a yet another "World Premiere" in our black box theatre.
Don't get me wrong , I've worked with countless people that you have seen on TV.
But that doesn't make it any less surreal to she her strolling in the halls in the midst
of our Victorian garbed cast. I will say one thing, this is the only time in our history
that we have installed a tele prompter for the use of the talent. But the cash that this show generates is a necessity. We do what we must.

I do have lots to be grateful for. But I am still sort of looking forward to January.


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