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I am in that wonderful time of the year known as hiatus.

We closed " Sleuth' last night. It was well received. I hope that
it made enough money. We won't know for a week or two.

It was " more exciting" than it should have been. One , of the two,
actors went out one night with laryngitis. His understudy had quit the
previous week so the director went on " on book'.
On book means that a person goes on stage with a script in his hand
and walks through the part. In this case, it meant that our very "flamboyant '
director camped his way through the whole night. Much to the equal
horror and delight of us all. The audience was offered the chance to exchange
their tickets for another night and several did , but no one left. :)

I have two weeks off . 10 days of that will be spent in Amsterdam
and London ! We fly out on Thursday. So I have adequate time
to clean the house for the house/ dog sitter. And do the thousand little things
that precede a 9 day trip.

I am looking forward to running away from the constant pall that is hanging
over us here in Atlanta. Our drought has now made the national news.
We are reusing water, flushing less, showering with buckets and all manner of
crazy stuff.
I can't even turn on the tap without guilt these days. Hopefully , the weather
patterns will return to normal before the year is out . If we can hold out it till then it
will all be okay.

Oh well , life is supposed to be a challenge right?
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First things first.
Happy Birthday to [ profile] crankygrrl and [ profile] boofadil .
I wish you both many happy returns .

Well, the time off passed in a blinding rush.

I drove to Savannah to check in on my mom-in-law.
I continue to LOVE my new little car. It is so very zippy.
It just makes me feel energetic just to look at it.

Then the hubby and I flew to New York for 3 days.
I shopped and walked and caught up with my oldest
friend. He has decided that we need to leave the South
and come live in Brooklyn. And there are some days
that I so agree with him. So , when the untold riches that
will no doubt fall from the heavens for me arrive, I will
go shopping for that perfect brownstone .

Then I went back to work. The tech week for our latest production
was long. ( 67 hrs for me ) It has been plagued by technical
problems with the set. So that added an unwelcome "hurry up and wait"
vibe to to the process. It is another world premiere. This one is
intense. It is about a victim of the Algerian Wars of the late 50's.
He is a surgeon , suspected of aiding terrorists, who is imprisoned
and tortured by a French officer. It is not easy to relax backstage
and think about your next task when the lead actor is being "electrocuted "
6 feet from you. I could NEVER be an actor .


Ain`t Necessarily So - Bronski Beat
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I'm leaving the country again. I and R are leaving
for the UK tomorrow . We will be spending our usual
week there. But this time we be traveling to other
cities. I will be standing on the beach at Brighton
next Friday ! It will be wet and chilly and I can't wait.
He is tasked with the picture taking this trip so I
stand a good chance of getting some good ones.

We are sending the pup to stay with friends.
They have a dog as well so this will give her back some
quality dog play that she has been missing out on.
It's pretty amusing to pack a bag for yourself and
your dog .

I am mostly ready . The only potential task of doom is
the programing of the DVR. I know I will miss something .
But I do get to watch the Beeb for a few days. It should
produce something of interest. And I am SO going to raid
Forbidden Planet.

Cheers !


Looking At the World from the Bottom of a Well - Mike Doughty


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