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I look back on January as a month that never was.
Every year it's the same, I get nothing done.
Then I beat myself up about getting nothing done.
And the little cycle of SAD continues.

So, since the dreaded month ended I have caught up .
I bought a new messenger bag.see here . I am a huge bag junkie.
Almost nothing makes happier that organizing all the crap I carry around
daily in a new bag. It's like spring cleaning.

I took my Ipod to get a new battery and they replaced
it with a new one. I was shocked as my model has not been sold
since 2004. So I now have Moya the 2nd, and there isn't
a scratch on her any where.

I went to check ups at both the doctor and the
dentist. I am all full of the virtue now.

And to top it all off. I bought a new car!!
It's a Toyota Rav4 in Pacific Metallic Blue.

After 4 years of hauling a huge full size
pickup truck around I am in nirvana .
It's small and zippy and fits in any parking place
you can imagine. It has a miniplug jack
where you can plug in your MP3 player to
play directly through your car speakers.
So Moya2 can now thump the speakers with
the best of them.

All I need now is a name for the new Wundercar.
Any suggestions?


Song 2 - Blur


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