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Happy New Year to one and all.
I hope that we can all throw off the worst , but keep the
best , of the past year. It has been an eventful one for most of us.

That is why our little haven here so important. LJ is a strange sort of lifeline
to others like ourselves. It can also be a portal to those utterly unlike ourselves.
It turns cold computer code into a living group of fascinating minds at our beck and call.
I never fail to laugh , cry or boggle at the amazing output of us .
I am grateful to have this place.

On a more prosaic note , I have been at home since Christmas.
My days have swung between doing nothing and house cleaning like a fiend.
I have cleaned out my office closet and starting going through my file cabinets.
Today I shredded 5 years worth of old phone bills. I now have the taste of
super organising power!! I have large trash bags I am not afraid to use them.

There has been substantial rain here. That is huge news in this drought stricken
region. On the coast , they had enough rain in one day to make up their rain
deficit for the year! That didn't happen here. But it does give us hope that there
will be a return to more normal weather patterns.

I did use some of the cash I got of Christmas to purchase a nifty new desk chair .
I am hoarding the rest of it for computer related things. I am in the market for a new Mac .
But I am waiting till after the Macworld expo to buy. Anything other way is a fool's errand.

I start the next show tomorrow. It's a huge musical with only 10 dancers / singers.
You can do the math on the backstage mayhem. Oh well , I did sign the contract.

Cheers till next time.


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