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I have been very busy during my 5 weeks off.

The puppy has grown apace. She is now weighs about 25 pounds.
We are about 2 to 3 weeks out from complete house breaking. She had her very
first bath today. And she and Betsy are romping around like old buddies.

See how cute? )

I passed my latest mammogram with flying colors. So there will be no
exploratory surgery , thank the gods!

I have completely repainted the living and dining room. In between puppy
watching , wall repairing and the traveling husband it took me a whole week.
But it looks great if I may say so myself.

Spring has struck here so that meant the switch out of seasonal clothing,
which always leads of the annual cleaning out of the basement. And that
always leads to the spring cleaning of the rest of the house. So I feel
exhausted but virtuous at the state of the house this week.

We also are making good progress on the BSG uniforms. The pants are done
except the belt loops and the shirt / jackets are shaping up very nicely.
Here is a picture to show our progress.

pretty! )

I have been watching Life on Mars, BSG ( don't even get me started on that one ) ,
The Dresden Files, Supernatural and the somewhat campy but enjoyable Blood Ties.

I'm going to miss real life when I go back to work on Tuesday.


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I'm on hiatus, so I have been enjoying the following.

Repainting the bedroom. It was a dull pearl gray
with a formal border that was left by the former owners.
It's now a lovely pale lilac that really makes the furniture
and wall decor pop.

Cycling the winter and summer clothes.

Putting the down duvet on the bed.

Finally getting the front yard in some kind of presentable shape.

Watching the Hex episodes that [ profile] simplystars sent me .

Sending the husband off to London for a week. He returned
with fabulous loot for me. And he went to a Antique Car show
for himself .

Going to the Tower Records going out of business sale ( woe! )
Finding SGA season one for less than I could have ordered it ( Yea! )

Watching my TV shows in real time instead of after work . VM , BSG and SPN have all entertained and frustrated me in equal measures these past two weeks.

Watching Torchwood . I like it , if that makes me easy so be it.

Getting a fic snippet from [ profile] thassalia

Next week I'm looking forward to these.

Going through my office and ruthlessly throwing out tons of crap.

Traveling to the coast to see my mom, siblings , their spouses and sundry offspring.

Then back to work till the next break in March.

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But it's not what you might be thinking.

I ripped out the bedroom closet this morning.
It's a little bigger than a reach in but not big enough
to be a walk in. (about 3' by 6 1/2 ")
It had two long shelves above two hanging bars , one behind the other .
So at least one quarter of the hanging clothes and
half the stuff in the shelves was unreachable .

As of now, it is completely bare and sporting a fresh coat of
paint. By tomorrow it it have 11 feet of hanging space and
nearly the same of shelves. Then it will be time to go to
Ikea for shoe cubbies and storage boxes .
Victory is mine!

Off to count exactly how many pairs of shoes I have.......


Giving It All Away - Hothouse Flowers


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