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It's almost the end of the current show. We have only the 5 show weekend
left. Then I have 5 weeks off ! I am counting the minutes till then.

Meanwhile here is a list of stuff that happened lately.

Things of the good.

I will NOT be working during Dragon Con this year. I can go to panels !
I can drink and dine with friends ! This is the first time in 3 years that I can actually
get my money's worth.

I am also employed throughout the entire summer this year. From May 14 to
August 19 I will be dressing 5 (!!!!) shows. Damn, this is just like my old college
schedule. Hopefully I will still be able to keep up that kind of pace.

We are going puppy shopping at the Humane Society in the next week or two.
Our dog has so been needing a playmate. Five weeks off will give us the time
to fold another canine into the pack.

I have finally seen all of Season 1 of The Office and am plowing through Season 2.
I have only worked in a office for less than a year of my life. So watching this show is like visiting an alternate universe. Funny but very , very strange.

I have also found the season 2 episodes of Life on Mars. Still loving this show beyond reason.

My costume buddy and I will begin work on our BSG costumes next week. We have the actual buttons are used in the TV uniforms! I found some beautiful fabric that comes
quite close to the real thing.

Things of the woe.

My computer is losing it's optical drive. It will read discs but will not burn them.
So I have 3 choices. I can replace the drive of my 5 year old iMac. I can try to find an old
outboard disc burner that will not create soft ware conflicts. Or figure out some way to
afford a shiny new Mac. It's all an exercise in frustration. This mostly means that the discs that I owe to people ( sorry [ profile] sdwolfpup ) will be delayed for a few weeks.

We had to replace our internet service provider. We have had the same one since 1995.
It is really sad that they would piss me off so badly that I have to fire them after
all these years. But at least you can now " rent" the same email addresses. I have a
year to make the transition, so not too woeful.

So much for the highlights.




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